Service Commitment

California Mutual Insurance is a growing company, with strong roots in our community.

Even as we strive to offer more services to our customers such as through online tools, we still believe in the integrity of a handshake. We will strive to do our best to respond to your needs and deliver the best, personalized service you will find anywhere.

As a company committed to you, our customer, we adhere to a strict code of ethics that shape our business practices and influence our every decision. This code of ethics applies to all officers, employees and directors of California Mutual Insurance Company, and its direct and indirect subsidiaries. Here is summarized list of the ethics we adhere to:

  • Loyalty
    Each individual within California Mutual will not use their corporate position for personal profit.
  • Integrity
    Each individual within California Mutual is expected to act honestly and deal fairly and ethically in all of the Company’s business relationships, whether with its policyholders, customers, suppliers, competitors, or other Company personnel.
  • Privacy
    Each individual within California Mutual must protect the Company’s assets and ensure their efficient and appropriate use, including the proper handling of sensitive and confidential information.
  • Accountability
    Each individual within California Mutual will take responsibility for the enforcement of this Code.
  • Transparency
    This code will always be published on California Mutual’s website, and the adoption of this Code must be disclosed in our Annual Statement.
  • Principles
    This Code is a statement of fundamental principles and key policies that govern the Conduct of California Mutual Insurance Company’s business.
  • Resolute
    This Code may only be changed by the Board of Directors of California Mutual, or by the California Mutual Audit Committee.